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It is always satisfying to run into clients and see how they have made Squamish their own. Everyone that comes here has different wants, needs and likes, but they create their own Squamish. I get such satisfaction and happiness from feeling that I have played a small part in helping someone make the right decision on a house that really fits their needs; I want to see people thrive where they've made a home. The collective of people that are attracted to Squamish are motivated, dynamic and like-minded. I proudly fly the flag of Squamish and I consider myself somewhat of an ambassador to the community because as a Realtor, I am often the first person people meet when they come to town. I love  introducing people to this community, and I want to show them all of the things that make it special to me but that can also can make it a home to them. Having the opportunity to help others create a life in a place that I am so passionate about and that has made such a profound impact on my life is something that I take very seriously. 

Neal Sikkes
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