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I am proud to tell people that I am from Squamish and proud to be a part of its growth. The perception of Squamish solely as a gas station on the way to Whistler is changing rapidly, and it is now a destination in its own right. We have everything at our fingertips, and choosing to make your home here is choosing a life that allows you to have it all. On the surface a stunning mountain town with all the benefits of fresh air, oceans, rivers and lakes, it also has unlimited opportunities to pursue outdoor,  artistic, and professional passions. Its location-in the mountains and between one of the world's best resorts and one of the world's best cities-doesn't get any better, and we are developing our own unique identity as a result. I am proud to be a part of Squamish's rejuvenation and always excited to introduce what a life in Squamish can look like. 


What Squamish offers is the ultimate balance of lifestyles: world-class outdoor pursuits at our doorstep and also an open-minded, grounded community and untapped professional opportunities. The people that live and work here lead fulfilled lives.  Squamish is a community to make your own. 

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